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Hope of Life

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is difficult to meet at concerts, but I want to bring healing and energy to as many people as possible with the power of art!With that in mind, I created this "Hope of Life".
Anxiety about life, anxiety about what to do if you get sick, people who are actually sick now, people who support it ... There are various positions and feelings, but "life" that is comparable to Corona We express "the possibilities and hopes of the people" as if they were "Shinshu people" who live powerfully with nature.

The work is as long as a mini concert, and I hope you can enjoy the collaboration of nature, music, and dance as if you were at an outdoor concert in a traditional place in Saku City Mochizuki.

00:00~ Songs of Life / Takatsugu Muramatsu Composition
04:12~ Ode to Joy ~ Song of Joy ~ / Composed by Beethoven
06:27~ Palm fruit / composed by Toraji Ohnaka
10:13~ A small variation on the theme of Mochizuki Kouta / composed by Haruko Yokoyama
15:24~ Thank you ~ From the suite "Human Heart" ~ / Composed by Kunio Sasaki
17:25~ Canon in D ~ African Dance Version ~ / Composed by Pachelbel

Arrangement: Haruko Yokoyama ("Song of Life" Obbligato Arrangement: Miki Yamazaki, Ikuko Yano)

Drum part arrangement: Kiyotaka Sakurai

Work data
maker Mochizuki Tsuki-Human-filled project Tsukihito "Hibiki"
Profile Mochizuki Tsuki Hitoshi Project Music Department, Culture and Arts Department "Tsukihito" Hibiki "" is working to create a new art culture by fusing the tradition loved in the local Saku City Mochizuki and the performance of the younger generation. ..
This time, with the addition of powerful helpers, we are expanding the possibilities of expression.

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-Sayakawa World
-kiivoo sound box (Kiyotaka Sakurai Drs.)
-Kanon Music (Mirai Sakurai Pf.)

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