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Nature Piano ~ Forest Piano

I took a piano to the forest of Igasa at an altitude of 7 meters and recorded and filmed on the spot. It is a performance of a harmony of nature and a once-in-a-lifetime piano performance. Through sound, we become birds, water, and light. May this be a reminder that we are nature itself...
Take a deep breath in the forest.
Please enjoy with beautiful images.
Hoping for harmony between people and nature.


Water Prelude / Composition by Maki Hirasawa
Tyce's Meditation/Composed by Jules Masnet

Work data
maker Maki Hirasawa
Profile piano/Maki Hirasawa
recording/Hiroto Komatsu(Public Records Inc.)
Stage/Kunihiro Amemiya (Jomon Carpenter)
Tuning / Minoru Makita (Makita Piano Tuning Center)

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