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Nobe no Kaze

Around the end of May, I asked the poet Uchidago to write a poem.
There was much more room in the city and people than it is now.The number of people walking outside was sparse, and toilet paper, masks, and conservative food items were gone from the supermarket.
Of course, the disease called COVID-19 is scary.However, I was not a little shocked by the fact that some people could easily tell the affected people to "get out of this city."Tolerance and suspicion of unknown fear.I felt that a society had arrived in which the neighbors I was close to changed suddenly.

I didn't say my thoughts, but the poem from Mr. Gou strangely said, "The society is the result of individual consciousness and actions, not the individual in society."One guideline was that the message was not to love your neighbor for the purpose of the subject, but to "make sure, protect, and love yourself who is alive with others."

I think it was a difficult request for Ryo Sasaki, who is active as a musician, to sing a song in "poetry" that was not written as lyrics.However, when Sasaki-san's gentle voice got on this poem, I felt that "Nobe no Kaze" had passed through in front of me.

What really matters is not something you can immediately understand.It's not that if you scream loudly, everyone will listen and listen.Sometimes it just passes in front of you like a breeze.

"Nobe no Kaze" is light but has a certain message.Poet Uchidago and musician Ryo Sasaki.We would appreciate it if you could see the collaboration between the two.

Work data
maker Takeshi Hirabayashi
Profile Takeshi Hirabayashi
Yuuki Tanzawa
Yasuhiro Orii
Ryo Sasaki

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