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16th Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival Online

The "Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival" has been held 2002 times since the World Cup, which was jointly held by Korea and Japan in 15.

Last year, we held the theme of Izumiji Laboratory. A spring waterway is a waterway in which water flows directly from the pond in the garden of a private house to the pond in the garden of an adjacent house. It is a historical heritage of Matsushiro that has been passed down since the Edo period.
However, after the festival, a flood of the Chikuma River struck the town of Matsudai. And this year, due to the coronavirus, it is difficult to hold a festival in Matsushiro. Therefore, I would like to present the history of Matsushiro and the works of art dedicated to Matsushiro, which was damaged by the flood of the Chikuma River, online.

Work data
maker Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival Executive Committee
Profile Hitoshi Kimura, Representative of Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1948
1971 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School in 1973
1986-1987 Overseas Researcher, Ministry of Education (USA)
1975 Presented at home and abroad, including a solo exhibition at Ginza Gin Gallery
Started "Feather Project" in 1999 with the motif of folded paper crane wings
2002 Japan-Korea co-sponsored World Cup, Matsushiro University Headquarters-themed contemporary art festival started
In 2004, when the "Ecole de Matsushiro Club" was established, the "Matsushiro Art Special Course" was established, and the "Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival" was held with the main exhibition of Hitoshi Kimura at the Bunbu School.
Since 2005, with the cooperation of contemporary artists, the prototype of the current "Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival" can be created.
2009-2012 Sponsored by "Artist in Residence in Zenkoji Area"
2016-2018 "Nakajo Artist in Residence" Jury Chairman
1998-2014 Professor, Shinshu University
2018 14th Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival-Izumiji
2019 15th Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival-Izumiji Laboratory

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