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Sound of dawn

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has made many efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, sacrificed many, and took their lives.

I was tired, hurt, and lonely in my long self-restraining life, but I also noticed that I was able to gain from being in such a situation. Because I can't meet them, I have the time to deliver my feelings to my important partner, and I realize that I was thankful for the daily routine. And no matter how difficult people are, if they suddenly look outside, nature will continue to work magnificently, and the creatures will survive hard.

Our works, which reflect nature and creatures in Nagano prefecture, will be close to your heart, so that the light of the dawn you visit will surely come to you. I would be happy if you could give me one.

Work data
maker Smile with Kazuo Unno
Profile Smile (Vo: Yuka Imaizumi Gt: Yuichiro Mabe)
A couple unit between musical actress Imaizumi and acoustic guitarist Manabe.
2019-Moved to Tateshina Town. Released the 2019 album "Smile".He has performed in cafes, museums, educational facilities, etc. all over the country, and recently he has also worked on TV commercials and image songs for local governments.
From 2012 to 2019, he holds a concert at the Kazuo Unno photo exhibition held every summer at the Komoro Kogen Museum of Art, where he collaborates with Mr. Unno's photographs, commentary and music.
Yuichiro Mabe Blog

Kazuo Unno
Insect/nature photographer. Born in Tokyo in 1947.
Lifework is "mimicry of insects" "world of butterflies". I photographed insects in the rainforest since I was a student, and I am still doing 100 days of overseas coverage every year. Since 1990, he has set up an atelier in Komoro to photograph nature in Nagano prefecture.
Won the 1994 Japan Photographic Society Annual Award for his book "Insect mimicry" (Heibonsha). There are nearly 200 books, mainly children's books. Currently, he is the chairman of the Japan Society for Natural Science Photography.
Kazuo Unno Home Page

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