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Cultural facility

Nagano Prefectural Museum of ArtNagano Kenritsu Bijutsukan

The museum was opened in 41 in Shiroyama Park in Nagano City, which is adjacent to the main hall of Zenkoji Temple, a national treasure.Nagano Prefectural Art Museum on April 1966, 3, with the concept of "Landscape Museum" that creates a landscape in harmony with the nature of Shinshu and the townscape in front of the Zenkoji Temple, in line with the rebuilding due to aging. Was reborn as.

The museum will be enriched with free zones that anyone can enter freely, and will welcome visitors as an "open museum" like a park that anyone can easily visit.

The annexed Higashiyama Kaiikan was opened in 1990, and in addition to the works donated by the painter himself, the number of collections is more than 970, including the works collected and donated later. In 2022, about 30 pieces of this product, such as "Green Sound", "Hakuba no Mori", and "Going Autumn", will be divided into 6 periods, and a series of "Kyoraku Shikiya" and "Yamato Spring Autumn" depicting the ancient capital of Japan. A series of landscapes depicting the nature and cityscapes of Scandinavia, Germany and Austria, "Landscape with a view of white horses" and the preparatory work of the Toshodaiji Mikagedo barrier painting, etc. I will introduce you.

Facility data
Name of facility Nagano Prefectural Museum of ArtNagano Kenritsu Bijutsukan
Address 〒380-08011-4-4 Hakoshimizu, Nagano City (in Joyama Park)
Phone Number 050-5542-8600(Hello dial)
Museum Hours of Operation 9: 00-17: 00 (Admission to the exhibition room is until 16:30)
Museum Holidays Wednesday (open on public holidays, closed on the following weekdays in principle), year-end and New Year holidays
Museum Admissions Fee Special exhibition: It depends on the exhibition.
Collection exhibition (common to the main building and Higashiyama Kaiikan): General 700 yen, university students and 75 years old and over 500 yen, high school students and under or under 18 years old free of charge
Parking Lot None
"Shinshu parking permit system" parking lot available
From JR Nagano Station Zenkoji Exit Bus Stop 1, take the Alpico Transportation Bus 11/16/17 and walk for about 3 minutes in the direction of the "Zenkoji Kita" bus. About 30 minutes

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