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Cultural facility

Matsumoto Reference HallMatsumoto Sankankan

On display are hanging scrolls by the late director, pottery, pottery, antique paintings, and stone statue books from folk arts.

Facility data
Name of facility Matsumoto Reference HallMatsumoto Sankankan
Address 〒390-0851Matsumoto City Shimauchi 5023-1
Phone Number 0263-47-6866
090-4207-3436(Mobile phone)
Museum Hours of Operation 10: 00-17: 00, ※ reservation required
Museum Holidays Monday, winter (December to March)
Museum Admissions Fee General (high school students and above) 300 yen, elementary and junior high school students 150 yen, group discount for more than 20 people
Parking Lot 3 normal cars (free)
8-minute walk from JR Shimauchi Station, 10-minute drive from Matsumoto IC on Nagano Expressway

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