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Nijiiro Factory Connected Edition

Welcome to "Nijiiro Factory"! The "Nijiiro Factory" came from the mysterious Nijiiro Village, which is a little funny. The driving force of the Nijiiro village is ... What a dwarf? !!

A small driving force is working in such a place as well.
It's a fantasy story that makes you feel attached to the living tools that you use casually, that you are supported by a lot of power, and that you value the connection with people.

Work data
maker Chinami Ikawa
Profile Chocolate ... Pantomime, performer, balloon artist. Learn about the stage in Tokyo, Paris and Sapporo. Currently, based in his hometown of Nagano, he is active all over the country.

Nagappa ... Illustrator and picture-story show. Here and there with an original picture-story show full of ideas. Received the Mica Award at the 20th Handmade Picture-story Show Contest sponsored by the Picture-story Show Culture Promotion Council.

Pinki ~… World Certified Balloon Artist (CBA). Active in Nagano prefecture with the desire to spread the smile that balloons bring. We deliver balloons that will remain in people's memories for a long time.

Yuya Wakabayashi… Sound engineer, composer. He is active in the prefecture in various fields related to sound, from the sound of live houses and small theaters to the production of music for plays and commercials.

Mobile Photo Studio Kirokuya… A photographer who specializes in portrait photography with a natural atmosphere. With the power of photos and videos, we help people leave their precious memories. The basics are to have fun and be like that person, and I will go to shoot anywhere with a relaxed shooting.

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