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Based on the theme of "Granatus", we will propose two works cut from different directions of dance version and video artist version. Please enjoy the expressions captured from each perspective.

“Granatus” is the Latin word for gem garnet, which means “seed”. Known as the stone of trust and love, it is a symbol of fruit. It is a stone that activates the energy of both the body and the spirit, and it turns negative emotions such as fear from life's anxiety and suffering into bright energy, raising the feeling of loving people and the generous heart. I want to connect with as many people as possible and send power like that stone. Give seeds and hope that the flowers will open in the imagination of the viewer. (Ida)

We turn the uncertain feelings of the future into bright energy. I expressed the process with colors and abstract patterns. (Wada)

Location: Oza Hoshiike

Work data
maker Ayami Ida and Haruna Wada
Profile Ayami Ida Choreographer / Dancer
Studied under Moto Hirayama at the University of Tsukuba/Graduate School. From 2013 to 2018, he was active in the professional dance company "MARIA KONG" in Israel. After returning to Japan in 2019, started activities in Nagano. Dance House Golden Residence Coreographer.
Ayami Ida Home Page

Haruna Wada Filmmaker
Graduated from Tohoku University of Art and Design. While studying, learn about experimental videos. He is currently producing pop and cute animations and psychedelic video works.
Wada Haruna Home Page

Yasuhiro Kasamatsu Composer/Double reed instrument player
Graduated from the Department of Aesthetics and Arts, Faculty of Literature, University of Tokyo Studied composition with Akira Miyoshi. Providing a lot of music for works directed by Yukio Ninagawa. 30 Cultural Affairs Agency Cultural Exchange Envoy. Recently, he has provided music for the 18-year-old theater company Shiki "Shexpia fell in love" and the 20-year-old musical drama "The Prince of the Stars" (Go Aoki script and directed).

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