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Dear Sir, Thunderbird. -The ecology of the god's bird seen in the photo-

I've put together a slide show of photos of the prefectural bird, "Grouse" in Nagano Prefecture.
Over winter, spring, pairing, child-bearing, protection, and winter.
There is something similar to us humans in their continuous activities.
Males stretch their body to protect females, and females live their lives and raise chicks.
That way of life is obedient, loving, and sublime.
I hope that you can feel something from their appearance.

Work data
maker Kohei Takahashi
Profile Thunderbird photographer Kohei Takahashi
Born in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido in 1977. Lives in Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture.
In 2007, I met a grouse, fell in love at first sight, and started photography by myself.
2013 XNUMXth Tabuchi Yukio Award Taketo Award
2015 Fujifilm Photo Salon Tokyo sponsored special exhibition "God's Birds in Four Seasons"
    Since then, traveling exhibitions such as "Thunderbirds-Birds of God Wearing the Four Seasons-" have been held in various places.
2018 Exhibited at "Cymbism", a planned exhibition sponsored by Nagano Prefecture Culture Promotion Agency
He has published a photo book "Raijin-Messenger from God, who wearing scenery" in 2017.
Also known as "DAIFUKU," which refers to the winter white grouse.

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