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Tateshina Bamboo Garden "Sasa Rikyu"Tateshinasasaruisokubutsuen sasarikyu

About 800 bamboo fences continue in front. On the site of 6,000 tsubo, there is a sukiya garden of authentic traditional architecture by the late Kiyoshi Yasui, a traditional architect of Kyoto, and there is a tea room "Jakuan" * and a waiting room "Suiin".Behind it is a botanical garden that is unique in the world and is home to about 120 species of bamboo grass, including precious species.There, you can compare the largest bamboo grass in Japan with the smallest bamboo grass in your hand.The pit-house with a bamboo-roofed roof in the botanical garden has a hearth, and the fire is always lit, so you can feel the taste of the Jomon period.

* "Jaku" is a character with a young bamboo kanmuri.

Facility data
Name of facility Tateshina Bamboo Garden "Sasa Rikyu"Tateshinasasaruisokubutsuen sasarikyu
Address 〒391-0011Chino City Tamagawa character Harayama 11400-1017
Phone Number 0266-79-7136
Museum Hours of Operation 10: 00-17: 00 (Admission until 16:00)
Museum Holidays Tue-Thursday, winter (November-end of April) 
Museum Admissions Fee General (more than high school student) 500 yen
Free for junior high school students and younger
There is a group discount for 15 or more people (general 400 yen)
Free for persons with disabilities and one caregiver
Parking Lot Normal 15 units, large 3 units (free)
20 minutes by car from JR Chino Station, 15 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway Suwa Minami IC

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