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Cultural facility

Ina City SozokanInashi Sozokan

Permanent exhibition rooms, including the most beautiful stoneware excavated at the Jinshiba archeological site, which is said to be the most beautiful in Japan (national important cultural property), and the mysterious earthenware with a face, the fishing hand-shaped pottery with a face excavated at the Gotemba archeological site (national important cultural asset) The Inazuki exhibition room approaching the image of the poet Itsuki (Seigetsu), a library in Showa where you can pick up valuable books from the time of its opening in the Showa modern space of the former Kamiina library, Inaya It is a museum where you can learn a wide range of fields and eras with a geological exhibition room where you can understand the wonders of the earth.

Facility data
Name of facility Ina City SozokanInashi Sozokan
Address 〒396-0025Ina City Arai 3520
Phone Number 0265-72-6220
Museum Hours of Operation 10:00~17:00(展示)、10:00~20:00(学習室)、10:00~21:30(貸館)
Museum Holidays Tuesday, the day after national holidays, New Year holidays, and other temporary closures
Museum Admissions Fee Free (some projects may be charged)
Parking Lot 2 for disabled people No general parking. Please use the nearby municipal parking lot, such as Inase, and bring your parking ticket to the office when you return. We will make it free.
A 4-minute walk from Ina City Station on the JR Iida Line and a 3-minute walk from Ina Bus Terminal.
15 minutes by car from Ina IC on Chuo Expressway and 5 minutes by car from Ogurogawa SIC.

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