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Cultural facility

Nishimaru Shinya Memorial HallNishimaru Shinyakinenkan

It is a memorial hall that displays collections and related materials that tell the story of the success of Shinya Nishimaru, a mountain climber, explorer, and food ecologist. A collection of Papua New Guinea tribes, rare butterfly specimens, and pictures, sketches and paintings from the expedition.

Facility data
Name of facility Nishimaru Shinya Memorial HallNishimaru Shinyakinenkan
Address 〒398-0001Omachi City Hei 10901
Phone Number 0261-22-1436
Museum Hours of Operation 10:00~16:30
Museum Holidays Closed in winter from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, December-March
Museum Admissions Fee 500 yen Free for junior high school students and younger
(With Bach coffee or catalog)
Parking Lot Normal car: 3 cars, large car: 1 car (free)
About 4 minutes on foot from JR Inao Station, about 45 minutes by car from Azumino IC on Nagano Expressway

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