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Nagano Prefecture "Learning by Theater" Promotion Project "Facilitator Liaison Conference

Based on the Nagano Prefecture Culture and Arts Promotion Plan, Nagano Prefecture is implementing a "drama-based learning promotion project" for the purpose of learning and nurturing children's communication skills, expressiveness, and creativity through theater at schools in the prefecture. increase.

At the Kissei Culture Hall on Saturday, February 26, XNUMXth year of Reiwa, facilitators who are holding workshops using art such as theater and dance at schools in the prefecture gathered in each area. We held a facilitator liaison meeting to exchange information on our business.

In this video, we will introduce the scene of this conference and the efforts of facilitators in an interview format.

・ Yuya Wakabayashi (Research Institute for Learning at Engeki / Nagano City)
・ Hiroyuki Shimizu (Playful BASE Afterfubaban Shinshu / Ueda City)
・ Kaori Bunto (Matsumoto City)
・ Misato Yahagi (Matsumoto City)
・ Mr. Noeda Nihei (Contemporary Dancer / Matsumoto City)
・ Hideki Kobayashi (actor / Iida City)
In addition, general participants

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