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Prefectural Museum of Art Special Exhibition 100th Anniversary of Yutaka Matsuzawa Exhibition

In this video, we will introduce the exhibition "100th Anniversary of the Birth of Yutaka Matsuzawa" (Wednesday, February 2022, 2 to Monday, March 2, 3) at the Nagano Prefectural Art Museum.

Yutaka Matsuzawa (1922-2006) was born in Shimosuwa Town, Suwa District, Nagano Prefecture, and is a leading conceptual artist in Japan who has continued to transmit art both domestically and internationally based there. On February 2022, 2, the 2th anniversary of Yutaka Matsuzawa's birth, he held a retrospective exhibition that traces his life.
In this exhibition, from the architecture and poetry that are the origin of the artist, the paintings and objects exhibited at the Art and Culture Association Exhibition and the Yomiuri Independent Exhibition, etc. Introducing Matsuzawa's various works and activities, including works and performances in the published languages, with materials and photographs from the same period.

Please enjoy the video of the special exhibition that brings together the works and activities of Yutaka Matsuzawa throughout his life.

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