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Light of Dawn ~A light of music to send to medical staff

The music video of Lake Suwa's dawn and ale is added to "Light of Dawn" composed by Nihu player and composer Shin Jinge as an ale to send to medical professionals. I did.

It was a magnificent song that was woven by the clear tones of the young koto player Yoshiaki Okawa and the mysterious Shin's erhu. And the arrangement of Fumiko Torii and Mr. and Mrs. Koshi who are sending innovative music from Nagano to the world became a more exciting spice and a highly complete work.

"To all medical professionals who are desperately fighting every day! As a musician, I will do my best to do what I can. I believe that the end will come. The day when the world is full of smiles will come back." I believe. Let's work together to achieve that day!"

Work data
maker Office SHIN
Profile Erhu + singer Shin, Tadukaku (from Dalian, China) has been in Japan for 10 years. Active in Nagano and the metropolitan area as a composer, erhu player, and erhu lecturer. The first song "Supernal Tears" was selected as one of the world's top 2020 finalists at the international film and music contest FMC7. Yoshito Okawa is a young Japanese instrument player who is now in the spotlight. From avextrax, he is active as a member of the handsome Japanese instrument group "Sakura men". MC Mystie, Fumiko Torii, who participated as voice&spice this time, is active as a poet, singer, and track maker. Active at the world level with Takashi Torii, the representative of Shinshu-based music label SSS Record. Teruyo Imai As a producer of Office SHIN, he is active in Nagano and the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Erhu + singer Shin
Yoshiaki Okawa
Torii Fumiko & Torii Tsuyoshi

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