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Tenshin TENSHIN – The Center of the Sky

Togakushi, the sacred land of Shinshu. Kensaku Sato, a wadaiko player, dedicated the sound of wadaiko to the place where the rehearsal hall is set up. Performed at five Togakushi companies such as Okusha and Chusha. And, we will deliver the sounding universe by "Fuji", one of the world's largest taiko drums owned by the world.

At Togakushi where the people can still feel many spirits known as * kami *, Kensaku Satou would like to send you vibrant power welling up from the nature with the resonance of Japanese drums and hope it will reach all of you on the earth.

Work data
maker Kensaku Sato
Profile In 1998, he played a big drum at the closing ceremony of the France Soccer World Cup. In 2008, he was awarded the first newcomer award for a Japanese drum player at an art festival sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. 2016 Appeared on the BBC program "Global Beats" of the British national broadcast, and the performance is broadcast all over the world. Overwhelming and explosive batting, high technique and artistry are called "the man chosen as the Japanese drum".

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