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City [shi]ZEN

Midnight in a Perfect World


Journey to the End of the Night


People think that places rich in nature are the opposite of big cities.
However, when we consider the earth as one of the countless stars, it is one of nature.
So, under the theme of "the way the city should be as nature," I created a work that fuses the magnificent mountains and dazzling starry sky of Nagano with the overwhelming night view of Tokyo.
The reason why the title is not "natural" but "shi [Zi]ZEN" is that I also wanted to incorporate the Japanese atmosphere of Zen into the work.
I hope that the people who see it will give you a chance to think deeply about the relationship between the city and nature.

In addition, you can see all works of the city [SHI]ZEN project on this page.
If you click the DIGITAL DARKROOM button on the page, you can see many original photos used in the work.

Work data
maker Sam Pritchard
Profile Born in Shrewsbury, England in 1982.
After graduating from the University of Westminster Photography Arts, worked as a retoucher at CGP Design Ltd., an architectural photography studio in London.
He came to Japan in 2008. Currently residing in Nagano prefecture.

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