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To The White Horse

"To The White Horse" is a song created from the many experiences of the author of this song, Mr. Moi, since his childhood. All the straight and straight lyrics are full of energy. "Stand up strong like a mountain, now raise your face."

The lyrics in the song are strong in this difficult world, and let's move forward. That kind of strong feeling is coming out.

The image of the mysterious mountains, which is close to the lyrics and music, is inspired by people's hearts, and this work is made with the wish that it will be the courage to take the step of someone.

I would like to introduce this work with the utmost respect and hope that it will give courage to medical professionals who are fighting COVID-19 at the forefront.

We hope you enjoy the unique and powerful singing voice and the collaboration of the mountains of the Northern Alps, which Nagano Prefecture boasts.

Work data
maker Mr. Moi/GOAT
Profile Mr.Moi / Started activities in January 2016. Actively perform live activities based in Hakuba village. Released the first single "To The White Horse" in May 1.After that, he continued to compose energetically and released the full album "One Of Those Days" with 2016 songs on December 5, 2018.He still performs live activities at events all over the country.
Mr. Moi Official Facebook page

GOAT.Ink/ In Nagano Prefecture, mainly shooting in nature, such as outdoor shooting in mountains, sky, rivers and lakes, production of promotional videos, planning and management of outdoor events, superb view hunters, personalized location PV production, etc. I do. The NORTH FACE JP, NHK mountain documentary program, promotion footage and photos of ski resorts in the Hakuba area, and a pioneer of outdoor photography.
GOAT official website

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