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"Shinshu Arts Council Kick-off Event" Report ~Connecting Shinshu's diverse culture and arts to a sustainable future for the region~

"Shinshu Arts Council Kick-off Event" Report ~Connecting Shinshu's diverse culture and arts to a sustainable future for the region~

"Shinshu Arts Council Kickoff Event" was held on June 4, 2022.Shinshu Arts Council is an intermediate support organization for cultural and artistic activities in Nagano Prefecture.From this year, the Arts Council Promotion Office was established within the Nagano Prefectural Cultural Promotion Foundation, and we have begun to provide close support to all those who carry it out, centered on subsidizing cultural and artistic activities led by the prefectural government and local communities. .

More than 100 people from inside and outside the prefecture came to the kick-off event this time, and the venue was filled with anticipation for new initiatives to support the culture and art of Shinshu.In this article, we will report on the overview of the Shinshu Arts Council and what happened on the day.

Overview of Shinshu Arts Council Initiatives

The "Shinshu Arts Council" was established with the aim of sustainably developing the local culture that is spun from the rich natural climate of Shinshu and Nagano prefectures, and the creativity that is fostered from the spirit of valuing learning.
With the following three missions, we will support cultural and artistic activities led by prefectural governments and local communities.

  • Enhancing creativity and dissemination of cultural and artistic activities throughout Nagano Prefecture
  • Expanding the potential of cultural and artistic activities to various areas of society
  • Fostering an environment for sustainable development of cultural and artistic activities in Nagano Prefecture

Also, as an arts council for Shinshu and Nagano prefectures, which have a wide range of regional characteristics, we have a distinctive feature in our activities.

(XNUMX) Support the “leaders” of cultural and artistic activities
Not only artists and participants, but also those who are responsible for planning and management, supporters, and other people who organize and open cultural and artistic venues are widely regarded as “leaders” to sustain cultural and artistic activities. We will support you from various angles.

(XNUMX) Diverse entities support Shinshu's diverse culture and arts
Shinshu and Nagano prefectures have diverse regional cultures, and the role of supporting them is not limited to specific institutions.We will promote the creation of an environment in which various entities, including prefectures, universities, private support groups, municipalities, and individuals, work together to provide support.

Shinshu Arts Council 4 projects are summarized as follows.

1: Activity Base Enhancement Program - Support Program for Creating an Environment that Utilizes the Creativity of Cultural and Artistic Activities
This is a subsidized project that is the core of the Arts Council.We will provide financial support for the sustainable activities of local cultural and art groups, as well as close-knit support such as consultation and advice.

2: Partnership/Collaboration Program - Efforts in cooperation with Shinshu University Faculty of Humanities and other partner organizations
It is a specific initiative that leads to the creation of an environment that supports cultural and artistic activities by various entities, such as the development of management personnel and mutual cooperation in cultural and artistic support activities.

3: Social Inclusive Program - Collaboration with Nagano Arts and Cultural Activities Support Center for Persons with Disabilities
In order to promote the creation of a system in which anyone can participate in cultural and artistic activities, in the first year we started collaborating with the Nagano Prefecture Art and Cultural Activity Support Center for Persons with Disabilities, which was established this year within the Nagano Prefecture Social Welfare Corporation. increase.

4: Regional Creation and Exchange Program - Inheriting the efforts of the Nagano Prefectural Artistic Directorate and aiming for a sustainable form
Until last year, we will continue to develop the “NAGANO ORGANIC AIR” and “Symbism” initiatives that were carried out by the Nagano Prefectural Artistic Directorate.

In addition to these, as activities to raise awareness of the Shinshu Arts Council, we will hold consultation meetings in each region of the prefecture, and visit and explain to municipalities.

Activities that support the various cultural activities of Shinshu

On the day of the kick-off event, Nagano Governor Morikazu Abe, Nagano Prefectural Cultural Promotion Organization Chairman Seiichi Kondo, and everyone involved in cultural and artistic activities in various parts of the prefecture gathered in the small hall of Hokuto Bunka Hall.

At the beginning, Mr. Takashi Tsumura, head of the Shinshu Arts Council, gave a greeting.Inheriting the legacy of the Nagano Prefectural Artistic Directorate, for which he himself was an artistic director, he said, "I want to try to sow seeds, nurture trees, and eventually bear fruit."In addition, "We value the spontaneous ideas of culture and the arts and the diverse values ​​that arise from them, and we will promote activities that are close to the people who support the diverse cultural activities of Shinshu, so we would like to ask for your cooperation." called out to the visitors.

Shinshu Arts CouncilMr. Taku Tsumura, President of Shinshu Arts Council

Next, Mr. Morikazu Abe, Governor of Nagano Prefecture, took the podium.
Governor Abe first emphasized the difference between the administration, which must always be conscious of fairness and neutrality, and cultural and artistic activities, which must respect diversity and freedom to the utmost.On top of that, culture and the arts are indispensable to bringing spiritual richness in our daily lives, and based on the fact that they are social common capital, we will provide the necessary support as a government, and how to proceed with initiatives. I told the idea that the administration would not interfere.He also said, "I want you to walk forward so that you can look back and think that today was the reason why Nagano Prefecture's cultural promotion took such a big step forward 10 or 20 years from now." I want you to nurture the Arts Council,” I sent an ale.

Shinshu Arts CouncilMorikazu Abe Governor of Nagano Prefecture

Next, Mr. Masayuki Nomura, general coordinator of the Shinshu Arts Council, took the stage, giving an overview of the Arts Council and an overview of the 4 project, followed by "1: Activity base strengthening program" (Arts Council subsidized project). explained.

Shinshu Arts CouncilGeneral Coordinator Masayuki Nomura

This subsidized project aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the culture and arts of Nagano Prefecture by setting social issues based on one's own awareness of issues, and by engaging in activities that show a spirit of challenge and originality and ingenuity. We support projects that work while collaborating and collaborating with organizations and organizations (quoted from the application guidelines).
In 4, there were 4 applications for about one month from mid-April, and a total of 1 projects in each region of the prefecture were adopted.It has been in place since mid-June.

On the day of the event, Mr. Keisuke Kanai of JDS (Matsumoto City) and Mr. Naohiro Saito of NPO Yuya Project (Karuizawa Town) took the stage and introduced their organizations and their activities.

Shinshu Arts CouncilMr. Keisuke Kanai of JDS enlivening the venue with his performance
Shinshu Arts CouncilMr. Naohiro Saito of NPO Yuya Project

Next, Tadashi Kanai, a professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Shinshu University, took the podium.Involved in the establishment of the Arts Council from the preparation stage, and while introducing the efforts of the Shinshu University Faculty of Humanities, such as art projects in the region, he thought about "2: Collaboration and collaboration programs" from the standpoint of Shinshu University. He talked about the possibility of collaboration with the Shinshu Arts Council.In the future, ideas for collaboration in various forms were presented, such as cooperation in lectures, human resource development such as internships, verbalization and evaluation of projects implemented and supported by the Arts Council, and joint research programs.

Shinshu Arts CouncilProfessor Tadashi Kanai, Faculty of Humanities, Shinshu University

Regarding "3: Social Inclusive Program", Mr. Kanji Nakamura from the Social Welfare Corporation Nagano Prefecture Social Welfare Organization introduces the activities of the "Nagano Prefecture Support Center for Arts and Cultural Activities for Persons with Disabilities" which started this year. Thank you.This fiscal year, as an opportunity for presentations, we are planning to hold the "Zawameki Art Exhibition", develop human resources who support artistic and cultural activities, and work on building a network of related parties. Expectations are high for the synergistic effect of collaboration.

Shinshu Arts CouncilMr. Kanji Nakamura, Social Welfare Corporation Nagano Prefecture Social Welfare Service

At the end of this year's project introduction, an explanation was given of "NAGANO ORGANIC AIR 4" and "Symbism 2022" in "2022: Regional Creation and Exchange Program".
"NAGANO ORGANIC AIRis an artist-in-residence program that invites artists from various genres such as dance, theatre, and music to perform residencies throughout the prefecture.This year, Mr. Koshiro Kurahashi of Rext Takikoshi LLC, who is in charge of hosting at Otaki Village, and Mr. Taro Kondo of the Otaki Village Regional Revitalization Cooperation Corps took the stage and talked about the possibility of residency production in the region.

Shinshu Arts CouncilMr. Koshiro Kurahashi (left) from Rext Takigoshi LLC and Mr. Taro Kondo from the Otaki Village Community Revitalization Volunteer

"Symbism 2022” is a project in which curators of museums in the prefecture interact beyond the boundaries of their affiliation to plan and hold group exhibitions of contemporary artists related to Shinshu.Mr. Minoru Nakajima (Koumi Town Kougen Museum of Art), who assumed the chairmanship of the working group from this year, talks about the thoughts of the late Artistic Director Kunio Motoe, who launched symbism, and the "interactive appreciation" that will be focused on this year. There was an introduction to educational activities and an exhibition to look back on "Symbism 10" to be held in October.

Shinshu Arts CouncilMinoru Nakajima, Koumi Town Plateau Art Museum

The diverse cultures of the vast Nagano prefecture have been created and shared by everyone in their daily lives.

The Shinshu Arts Council has an Advisory Board of four members who oversee the specific projects and activities of the Shinshu Arts Council introduced so far, and provide advice and evaluation.
One of them, Mr. Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Research Director of NLI Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Director of Arts and Culture Project Office, who has been researching domestic and overseas arts councils, gave a speech titled "Expectations for Shinshu Arts Council". I received a lecture.

The Arts Council, which originated in England immediately after World War II, has a principle of keeping a distance from the government out of remorse for the political use of art by Nazi Germany.Currently, there are various forms of the Arts Council, but basically it can be said that it is "a specialized organization responsible for the execution of cultural policies, while maintaining a certain distance from the government and administrative organizations, centered on subsidizing arts and culture." .In Japan, the Cabinet decided in February 23 to strengthen the functions of the Japan Arts Council as the national arts council. Beginning with the Arts Commission Yokohama, which was established by the city of Yokohama in 2011, "Regional Arts Councils" have been established in many prefectures and cities in the last decade, including Tokyo and Okinawa. rice field.Finally, he said that he expects the Shinshu Arts Council to become a "journey arts council" that is aware of the diverse cultures of the vast Nagano prefecture and creates the future from culture and arts. Wrapped up.

Shinshu Arts CouncilMr. Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Research Director, NLI Research Institute Co., Ltd.

As a concluding remark, there was a greeting from Seiichi Kondo, Chairman of the Nagano Prefectural Cultural Promotion Foundation.
Kondo said that the power of culture and the arts is required to address issues that cannot be resolved through conventional agendas, such as the current divisions and conflicts in the world, and global environmental problems. It is not a special existence for people, but an existence that everyone creates in their daily lives, cooperates and shares, and enhances people's empathy."Finally, he gave a message of encouragement to the staff, saying, "Although it may take some time to see visible results, please do not procrastinate and do your best in the work of the Arts Council." was sent and the meeting was closed.

Shinshu Arts CouncilGeneral Incorporated Foundation Nagano Prefectural Cultural Promotion Foundation Chairman Seiichi Kondo

■ Held a kick-off exchange meeting for subsidized organizations

Before the start of the kick-off event, the organizations selected for the subsidy project of the "Activity Foundation Strengthening Program" gathered to hold a "Kick-off Exchange Meeting".Each group introduced themselves and their initiatives, deepening exchanges.It was an opportunity for everyone from each organization to become interested in each other's activities and meet each other, and the meeting was full of enthusiasm for the start of the initiative.I would like to expect that in future activities, we will learn from each other and lead to the enrichment and improvement of activities in the prefecture.

  • Shinshu Arts Council
  • Shinshu Arts Council

In 27, Governor Abe declared "the first year of cultural promotion" and established the Nagano Prefecture Cultural Promotion Fund as a financial resource for cultural projects.Utilizing this, the Nagano Prefectural Art Director's project and the "Zawameki Art Exhibition", an open call exhibition of expressions by people with disabilities, have been implemented. It is related to the start of activity.
During this time, various social issues have surfaced due to the effects of natural disasters and the spread of COVID-19.Under such circumstances, cultural and artistic activities that nurture spiritual richness connect people's hearts, provide a safe place to stay, and play a role in mediating efforts in various fields such as education, welfare, and community development. I feel that there is a growing awareness that it is an essential part of social life.

We hope that with the support of the Shinshu Arts Council, various people will be involved in cultural and artistic activities led by the prefectural government and community, and various cultural and artistic activities will be carried out within the prefecture, which will lead to sustainable regional development.

Sentence: Nagano Prefectural Cultural Promotion Agency Arts Council Promotion Office
Photo: Norihito Antoku


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