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Cultural facility

Another historical museum, MatsushiroMohitotsuno Lexikan Matsushiro

A history museum that introduces the Matsushiro Imperial General Headquarters bunker and the nearby comfort station.An explanation will be given to those who request it (from 10 minutes).Right next to the entrance to the Matsushiro Shozan underground bunker.

Facility data
Name of facility Another historical museum, MatsushiroMohitotsuno Lexikan Matsushiro
Address 〒381-1232479-13 Nagano City Matsushiro Town Saijo Azaomomegumi
Phone Number 026-278-7746
Museum Hours of Operation 10:00~16:00
Museum Holidays Tuesdays, winter season (late November to mid-March)
Museum Admissions Fee Adults (university students and older) 200 yen, middle and high school students 150 yen, elementary school students 100 yen, free for those with physical disability certificates, etc.
40 minutes by car from JR Nagano Station, 15 minutes on foot from Matsushiro Line bus "Matsushiro Hachijuni Bank Mae", 10 minutes by car from Joshinetsu Expressway Nagano IC

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