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Cultural facility

Kiichiro Mizumura MuseumMizumura Kiichiro Bijutsukan

Collection of works by Kiichiro Mizumura.Mizumura was born in Tokyo in 1946, and at the age of nine he was electrocuted by a high-voltage wire and lost both of his arms from his shoulders.Soon after he had an accident he started painting with oil. He has been described as a 'painting poet' and his skill and the power of his paintings are outstanding. In August 9, the current Emperor and Empress will visit the museum.He is a member of the Genshutsu Art Association and the Japan Artists Association.The exhibition is changed every year.

Facility data
Name of facility Kiichiro Mizumura MuseumMizumura Kiichiro Bijutsukan
Address 〒389-0518Tomi City Motounno 645
Phone Number 0268-71-5242
Museum Hours of Operation 10:00~17:00
Museum Holidays Mondays (or the following Tuesday if Monday is a holiday), 1st Tuesday of each month, December 12st to March 1st
Museum Admissions Fee Adults ¥500, high school students ¥350, junior high school students and younger free, seniors 65 and older ¥400, persons with disabilities and caregivers ¥300
Parking Lot Normal 20 units, large 10 units (free)
15 minutes on foot from Oya Station on the Shinano Railway, 15 minutes by car from Ueda Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen, 10 minutes by car from Tobu Yunomaru IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway

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