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Cultural facility

Chikuma City Kosho LibraryChikumashiritsushokoshikan

It is attached to the Kohan Bunka Kaikan. The library service is being enhanced by holding various courses and patroling mobile library vehicles. In addition, a network is constructed using the same system as the elementary and junior high school libraries (network name: "Booknet Chikuma"), and provides various materials and backs up references etc. in response to requests from schools.

Facility data
Name of facility Chikuma City Kosho LibraryChikumashiritsushokoshikan
Address 〒387-0011Chikuma City 1-64 Kuiseke
Phone Number 026-273-2989
Museum Hours of Operation 9:30~18:00
Museum Holidays Monday, Book Arrangement Day, Day after Holiday, New Year's Holiday (December 12-January 28), Book Arrangement Period
Museum Admissions Fee Free
Parking Lot Yes (free)
10 minutes walk from Shinano Railway Yashiro Station, 5 minutes drive from Nagano Expressway Koshoku IC

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