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Cultural facility

Ozawa Wood Sculpture MuseumOzawa swan butterfly

The building was renovated and renovated from an old private house with a kayak thatched roof called the Nakamon-zukuri, which was located in a mountainous heavy snowfall area in Niigata. Mainly works that convey the history and traditions of peasant art are exhibited, including handmade wooden dolls and folk crafts from around the world.

Facility data
Name of facility Ozawa Wood Sculpture MuseumOzawa swan butterfly
Address 〒386-0016Ueda City Kokubu 580
Phone Number 0268-22-4337
Opening Hours 9:00~18:00(April-October)、4:10~9:00(November-March)
closing day Open all year round
Admission fee General (high school students and above) 500 yen, elementary and junior high school students 200 yen, group discount for more than 20 people
6-minute walk from Shinano Kokubunji Station on Shinano Railway, 10-minute drive from Ueda Sugadaira IC on Joshinetsu Expressway

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