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Cultural facility

Ueda Sozokan-PlanetariumUeda Sozokan planetarium

A multi-purpose facility for mutual exchange between residents such as culture, education, sports, and recreation. As a regional science museum, it projects popular planetarium programs and starry sky commentary that can be seen in this area. In addition, there are observatory meetings and various science-related event courses tailored to astronomical shows.

Facility data
Name of facility Ueda Sozokan-PlanetariumUeda Sozokan planetarium
Address 〒386-1102Ueda City Uedahara 1640 (Ueda City Regional Promotion Foundation)
Phone Number 0268-23-1111
Museum Hours of Operation 9:00~22:00 プラネタリウム投映:土曜日13:30~、15:00~ 日曜日・祝日11:00~、13:30~、15:00~
Museum Holidays Whole building inspection and cleaning day (about 3 days a year), New Year's holiday (December 12-January 29)
Museum Admissions Fee Admission: Free Planetarium: General 260 yen, High school students and above 210 yen, Elementary and junior high school students 110 yen, Group discounts for 20 or more people, Ueda City, Tomi City, Aoki Village, Nagawa Town elementary and junior high school students and parents are free (small) 1 guardian per junior high school student)
Parking Lot 150 cars (free)
15 minutes by car from JR Shinano Railway Ueda Station, 30 minutes by car from Ueda Sugadaira IC on Joshinetsu Expressway

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