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Cultural facility

Iiyama City FurusatokanIiyamashifurusutkan

Exhibits materials related to the nature, history and culture of Iiyama. Permanent exhibits of pottery and stoneware actually excavated from archeological sites in the city, as well as many folk materials collected in the city. Also, three to five times a year, special exhibitions with themes are held to showcase the unique culture of Iiyama.

Facility data
Name of facility Iiyama City FurusatokanIiyamashifurusutkan
Address 〒389-2253Iiyama City Oaza Iiyama 1434-1
Phone Number 0269-67-2030
Opening Hours 9:00~17:00
closing day Mondays (the next day if a holiday), New Year's holidays (December 12-January 29)
Admission fee General (high school students and above) 200 yen, elementary and junior high school students 100 yen, bring a handbook for the disabled and up to one assistant free of charge, 1 or more group discounts (general 20 yen, elementary and junior high school students 150 yen)
Parking Lot Existence (large size, free)
10 minutes on foot from JR Iiyama Station, 10 minutes by car from Toyota Iiyama IC on Joshinetsu Expressway

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