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Cultural facility

Komagane City Cultural CenterKomaganeshibunkakaikan

A multi-purpose hall whose main purpose is classical music. A library, a museum, a working youth home, and a women's contact center are added. Collective name of 5 buildings "Komagane Cultural Center"

Facility data
Name of facility Komagane City Cultural CenterKomaganeshibunkakaikan
Address 〒399-411523-1, Kamihosakae, Komagane
Phone Number 0265-83-1130
Museum Hours of Operation 9:00~22:00
Museum Holidays Mondays (the next day if a holiday), New Year's holidays (December 12-January 28)
Parking Lot Normal 420 units, large 8 units (free)
10 minutes walk from JR Komagane Station, 5 minutes drive from Komagane IC on Chuo Expressway

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