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Gallery Banana MoonGallow Banana Moon

The gallery of Masahiro Naruse, who is serializing cover art for "Weekly Shincho". Exhibits of exhibitions by artists from Japan and abroad selected by Naruse himself, as well as the original picture of the cover picture of "Weekly Shincho". There is an exhibition change four times a year.

Facility data
Name of facility Gallery Banana MoonGallow Banana Moon
Address 〒399-8301Azumino City Hotakaariake 3613-32
Phone Number 090-4819-9878
Opening Hours 13:00~17:00
closing day Closed from Monday to Thursday, winter season, open with prior notice
Admission fee Free
Parking Lot 7
A 10-minute drive from JR Hodaka Station, a 15-minute walk from the tour bus `` VIF Hodaka '', a 5-minute walk from the regular bus `` Hana-Mizuki Kaikan '' bound for Nakafusa Onsen, a 20-minute drive from Nagano Expressway Azumino IC

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