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Cultural facility

Misogawa Dam Disaster Prevention MuseumMisogawa Dam

The exhibition hall, featuring murals and dioramas, is based on the theme of the nature of the headwaters of the Kiso River, and introduces living, culture, rivers, and forest nature in the headwaters with images. You can learn the role and structure of the dam with the model of Misogawa Dam. You can also learn about the importance of water and the importance of water resources by introducing the use of water in the Kiso River basin with satellite photographs and panels on the entire floor.

Facility data
Name of facility Misogawa Dam Disaster Prevention MuseumMisogawa Dam
Address 〒399-6203Kiso Village Kiso Village 1160-5 Kiso Village
Phone Number 0264-24-0171
Opening Hours 10:00~16:00
closing day Wednesday (the next day if a holiday), Winter (end of November to mid-April)
Admission fee Free
Parking Lot Normal 20 units, large 4 units (free)
15 minutes by car from JR Yabuhara Station, 40 minutes by car from Ina IC on Chuo Expressway, 50 minutes by car from Shiojiri IC on Nagano Expressway

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