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Cultural facility

Okaya Local History & Culture MuseumKyodo Gakushukan

Playing the role of adults and the next generation living in modern society through learning about the life of the ancestors through the exhibition room that displays the traces of the predecessors from the native region and the existing materials, and the materials that are displayed, etc. It consists of a study room for young people to explore the ideal way of human beings.

Facility data
Name of facility Okaya Local History & Culture MuseumKyodo Gakushukan
Address 〒394-0083Okaya City Osachishibamiya 3-9-3
Phone Number 0266-26-7545
Museum Hours of Operation 9:00~17:00
Museum Holidays Monday, Thursday, Friday, New Year holidays (December 12-January 29)
Museum Admissions Fee Free
Parking Lot 15 cars
A 5-minute walk from the bus Shibamiya from JR Okaya Station, a 10-minute drive from Okaya IC on the Nagano Expressway

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