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Cultural facility

Chikuma City Art Town CornerChikumashi Art Machikado

A cultural facility where citizens can easily enjoy art. The first floor is a public gallery and a creative room where you can freely present your work. The second floor is an exhibition room, where permanent exhibitions of paintings, books, prints, ceramics, and crafts related to local artists are held, and several special exhibitions are held a year.

Facility data
Name of facility Chikuma City Art Town CornerChikumashi Art Machikado
Address 〒387-0007Chikuma City Yashiro 2176-2
Phone Number 026-272-4152
Museum Hours of Operation 9: 00-17: 00 (admission 16:30)
Museum Holidays Monday (the next day if a holiday), the next day after a holiday, New Year's holiday (December 12-January 29)
Museum Admissions Fee General (university students and above) 300 yen, high school students 150 yen, junior high school students and under free
20 or more group discount, free for disabled
Parking Lot 10 cars (free)
5 minutes by car from Shinano Railway Yashiro Station, 5 minutes by car from Nagano Expressway Koshoku IC

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