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Cultural facility


Opened in 6 in Omotesando, Zenko-ji, in hopes of promoting traditional performing arts and exalting local culture. You can enjoy the real thrill of performing arts as a theater with a charm that is not found in large theaters, where you can feel the breath of the actors with your skin since the performance. For members of the Hachijuni Friendship Foundation, there is a discount on performances specified by Kitano Bungeiza.

Facility data
Name of facility KitanobungeizaKitanobungeiza
Address 〒380-0845Nagano City 1625 Nishigocho
Phone Number 026-233-3111
Museum Holidays Open only on performance days
Parking Lot No
15 minutes on foot from JR Nagano Station, 25 minutes by car from Joshinetsu Expressway Nagano IC

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