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Yatsugatake Kogen Concert HallOyster mushroom

Yatsugatake Kogen Ongakudo where the advice of Sviatoslav Richter and Toru Takemitsu lived, "a building that can be used in the world".Designed by Junzo Yoshimura, a master of modern Japanese architecture, he received the "1989 Mainichi Art Award" and the "1989 Tokyo Creation Award Environmental Award" as a beautiful building in harmony with nature and the environment.On the acoustic side, we assumed the performance of chamber music, and repeated experiments and confirmations based on theory to obtain an ideal reverberation of 1.6 seconds for a small hall.Organized by the Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge, which operates, the "Yatsugatake Kogen Salon Concert", which includes accommodation and concerts, is held about 65 times a year.In 2018, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the opening of the museum, the "Yatsugatake Larch Chambero Concert", which was born from 110-year-old larch from Kawakami Village, is held regularly.In addition, as a rental hall, it is also used for bridal venues, fan club events, various photography, seminars and workshops.

Facility data
Name of facility Yatsugatake Kogen Concert HallOyster mushroom
Address 〒384-1302Minamimaki Village Uminokuchi
Phone Number 0267-98-2131(Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge)
Museum Holidays Days without entertainment
Parking Lot 30 (use the Yatsugatake Kogen Lodge parking lot at the time of the concert, * 100)
20 minutes by car from JR Nobeyama Station, 60 minutes by car from Chutama Expressway Sutama IC

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