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Cultural facility

Nagano Prefectural Ina Cultural HallNaganoken Ina Bunkakaikan

The large hall is a multipurpose hall used for various events such as music, performing arts and ceremonies. The small hall has mobile seats and is used for presentations and workshops. In addition, the art exhibition hall is used as a place for various planned exhibitions as well as for the creation and presentation of art and culture, and the planetarium conducts learning projections and general projections.

Facility data
Name of facility Nagano Prefectural Ina Cultural HallNaganoken Ina Bunkakaikan
Address 〒396-0026Ina City Nishimachi 5776
Phone Number 0265-73-8822
Museum Hours of Operation 9: 00-17: 00 (may fluctuate depending on the use of halls, etc.)
Museum Holidays Monday (the next day if a holiday), New Year's holiday
Parking Lot 590 spaces (shared parking with surrounding facilities, free)
20 minutes walk from JRIna City Station, 15 minutes drive from Ina IC on Chuo Expressway, 5 minutes drive from Ogurogawa Smart IC

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