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Cultural facility

Suwa City LibrarySuwashi Toshokan

With the construction of the Suwa Regional Library Information Network System, public library materials from six municipalities in the Suwa region can be widely used "anytime, anywhere, by anyone" with a single unified card, and the desired materials are the closest. Will be delivered to the library in XNUMX-XNUMX days.

Facility data
Name of facility Suwa City LibrarySuwashi Toshokan
Address 〒392-00275-12-18 Kogandori, Suwa City
Phone Number 0266-52-0429
Museum Hours of Operation 9:30~19:00(火・金曜日)、9:30~18:30(水・木曜日)、10:00~18:00(土・日曜日、祝日)
Museum Holidays Monday (the next weekday if a holiday), last weekday of every month (collection of books once a month), New Year holidays, collection period
Museum Admissions Fee Free
Parking Lot 50 cars (free)
Suwa City On the grounds of the Suwa City Cultural Center on Kogandori. XNUMX-XNUMX minutes walk from the west exit of JR Kami-Suwa station.

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