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Teramachi-shouka(Kanehako Family Residence)Teramachi Shoka

Teramachi Merchant (former Kanako House) is the former home of the Kanako House, a pawn shop that operated a pawn shop from the late Edo period to the early Showa period in Matsushiro, a castle town of Sananda Jumakushi.
On the premises, there are historic buildings that convey the activities of merchant houses from the Meiji era to the Taisho era, and a garden with a spring waterway and a pond, which conveys the lifestyle of rich merchant houses centered on the Meiji era in Matsushiro. As a valuable mansion, it was designated as a tangible cultural property of Nagano City in 2012.

Teramachi merchant houses can be used for various purposes such as "One Day Chef Restaurant" that makes use of precious historical space as a merchant house (machiya) during the Meiji era, galleries and exhibition sales at Tozo.
At the NPO “Dream Space Matsushiro's Town and Mind Raising Association”, we hope that many people will use it to create a new base for Matsushiro's food culture and art.
We are waiting for more people to participate to bring out the charm of Matsushiro.

Facility data
Name of facility Teramachi-shouka(Kanehako Family Residence)Teramachi Shoka
Address 〒381-1231Nagano City Matsushiromachi Matsushiro (Teramachi) 1226-2
Phone Number 026-214-5013
Opening Hours 9: 00-17: 00 (Admission until 16:30)
closing day New Year's holiday, confirmation required
Admission fee When using the rental space, a fee will be charged according to the use.
Check Webseite for details.
Parking Lot Temporary parking lot for Teramachi merchants: Approximately 8 passenger cars (2 minutes walk to Teramachi merchants).You can also use nearby public facilities (Nagano City Matsushiro Branch / Chamber of Commerce Parking Lot, Matsushiro Tourist Information Center / Sanada Treasure Museum Parking Lot, in front of the Town Walking Center, etc.). * Please check the link for details.
Bus: About 30 minutes to Matsushiro High School, about 3 minutes on foot from Kimachi, JR Nagano Station Zenkoji Exit (XNUMX)

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