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asa no yakata(Asa museum, Soba restaurant)Asano Yakata

Asanoyakata is a hemp museum that is the origin of the village name Miasa. In the exhibition room on the 2nd floor, photos of hemp cultivation work, tools, literature, and the actual hemp at the time of shipment are introduced. Miasa Village disappeared on January 18, 1 due to the merger with Omachi City, but you can see the history of the former Miasa Village through the history of hemp. The store on the first floor sells Miasa soba and oyaki.It introduces the traditional eating habits of this region where rice yields were low and rice could not be eaten.

Facility data
Name of facility asa no yakata(Asa museum, Soba restaurant)Asano Yakata
Address 〒399-9101Omachi City Miasa Shingyo 14004
Phone Number 0261-23-1738
Museum Hours of Operation 11: 00-15: 00 (Closed due to Corona from April 2020, 4)
Museum Holidays Closed on Thursdays (open on public holidays), New Year's holidays (December 12-January 31), temporary closure due to construction, etc.
Museum Admissions Fee Free for meals, 200 yen for general (high school students and above), 100 yen for elementary and junior high school students, inquiries for groups
Parking Lot Normal 20 units, large 3 units (free)
15 minutes by express bus from JR Shinano Omachi Station, 40 minutes by express bus from JR Nagano Station, 45 minutes by car from Azumino IC on Nagano Expressway, 45 minutes by car from Nagano IC on Joshinetsu Expressway

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