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Matsukawa Town MuseumMatsukawa Machi Ryokan

The exhibition focuses on the history and folklore of the town. The museum is a fun museum with many models and colorful graphic panels. The main exhibits include the Paleolithic pointed pottery, the Jomon period pottery with a face handle, the Yayoi period large pots, iron products excavated from the tomb, the early Edo period inspection logbook, and the replica of the prefectural treasure Amida Nyorai statue.

Facility data
Name of facility Matsukawa Town MuseumMatsukawa Machi Ryokan
Address 〒399-3303Shimoina-gun Matsukawa Town Motoojima 3720
Phone Number 0265-34-0733
Opening Hours 10:00~17:00
closing day Wednesday, New Year holidays
Admission fee Free
Parking Lot 100 (Public hall parking lot, free)
10 minutes walk from JR Ina Oshima Station, 5 minutes drive from Matsukawa IC on Chuo Expressway

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