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Cultural facility

Azumino City Tensan Silk MuseumAminosintensin Center

A collection of materials and equipment about the silkworm, which are open to the general public, and display the process from silkworm eggs to cocoons, from reeling to textile products. You may be able to observe the weaving work in the work wing. The company also sells silkworm silk products.

Facility data
Name of facility Azumino City Tensan Silk MuseumAminosintensin Center
Address 〒399-8301Azumino City Hotakaariake 3618-24
Phone Number 0263-83-3835
Opening Hours 9:00~17:00(April-October)、4:10~9:00(November-March)
closing day Monday, the day after national holidays, New Year holidays
Admission fee Free
Parking Lot 10 cars (free)
10 minutes by car from JR Hotaka Station, 15 minutes by car from Azumino IC on Nagano Expressway

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