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Fukuzawa Momosuke Memorial HallFukuzawa-momoskekinenkan

A former villa made of mortar built by Momosuke Fukuzawa, who was honored as the Electricity King, to oversee the construction of a power plant in the Kisogawa water system, was opened as a memorial hall. The first actress in Japan, Momosuke's partner, Sadayuki Kawakami also stayed there, so she is also known as the romance house for Momosuke and Sadafu.

Facility data
Name of facility Fukuzawa Momosuke Memorial HallFukuzawa-momoskekinenkan
Address 〒399-5301Nagiso Town, Kiso District Reading 2941-5
Phone Number 0264-57-4166
Opening Hours 9:30~16:30
closing day Wednesday, winter (December to mid-March)
Admission fee Common ticket [Fukuzawa Momosuke Memorial Hall, Mountain History Museum]: General (high school students and above) 500 yen, junior high school students 250 yen, free for elementary school students and under, group discount for 15 or more people
Parking Lot 50 cars (free)
5 minutes on foot from JR Nagiso Station, 30 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway Nakatsugawa IC

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