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Cultural facility

The Japan Ukiyo-e MuseumNihon ukiyoe hakubutukan

Ukiyo-e, an international cultural heritage, is collected, stored, researched and exhibited. Over 10 items, including handwriting and prints. We hold special exhibitions throughout the year.

Facility data
Name of facility The Japan Ukiyo-e MuseumNihon ukiyoe hakubutukan
Address 〒390-0852Matsumoto City Shimadachi 2206-1
Phone Number 0263-47-4440
Opening Hours 10:00~17:00
closing day Monday (or the next day if it is a holiday)
Admission fee General 1,000 yen, middle / high school / university students 500 yen, free for elementary school students and younger, senior discount (60% discount for people aged 10 and over), disability discount (10% discount), 10% discount for bringing Matsumoto City History Village admission ticket , 20 or more group discount available (10% discount)
Parking Lot Available (bus available, free)
A 10-minute drive from JR Matsumoto Station, a 15-minute walk from Alpico Kotsu Oba Station, a short walk from Matsumoto Tour Bus `` Town Sneakers '' west course `` Ukiyo-e Museum / History Village '', a 5-minute drive from Nagano Expressway Matsumoto IC

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