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Cultural facility

Takano Tatsuyuki Memorial HallTakanotatsuyuki Kinenkan

Tatsuyuki Takano wrote lyrics for Monbusho Shoka (song authorized by the Ministry of Education) "Hometown", and studied ancient Japanese songs. A memorial hall that honors and introduces his life and achievements. The restored old music room, relics, letters, books, and "Jinjo Shogakko Tokuhon (textbook for elementary schools) " , "Jinjo Shogakko Shoka (song book for elementary schools) " that he was involved in as a textbook compilation committee member of the Ministry of Education are exhibited.

Facility data
Name of facility Takano Tatsuyuki Memorial HallTakanotatsuyuki Kinenkan
Address 〒389-2104Nakano City Nagae 1809
Phone Number 0269-38-3070
Museum Hours of Operation 9:00~17:00 (Admission until 16:30) *November-March 9:30~16:00 (Admission until 12:2)
Museum Holidays Mondays (December to March, open on holidays), New Year holidays (December 12 to January 3), open from April to November
Museum Admissions Fee General 300 yen
High school students and younger 150 yen
Free for preschoolers, elementary and junior high school students living in Nakano City and over 70 years old
* Free of charge for persons with a physical disability certificate, nursing certificate, mental disability certificate, long-term care required, certified long-term care insurance insured person's card, and one caregiver.
* There is a group discount for 20 or more people (general 230 yen, high school students 100 yen)
Parking Lot Yes (free, large size available)
10 minutes by bus from JR Kaesa Station (reservation required by taxi), about 20 minutes by taxi from JR Iiyama Station (a taxi is always available, but you must confirm), 5 minutes by car from Toyota Iiyama IC on Joshinetsu Expressway

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