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Cultural facility

Komagane City MuseumKomaganeshiritsukubutsukan

Stores archeological materials, history, folklore, and art related materials. Archeological materials include ash-glazed twin ear pots, designated as a cultural property designated by the city, as well as artifacts excavated from archeological sites in the city. In particular, earthenware mainly from the middle Jomon period is valuable. It also keeps many old documents. It focuses on exhibitions in various fields and does not hold permanent exhibitions. Archeological materials can be freely viewed in the storage room (prior notice is required). The main exhibition contents are mainly planned exhibitions, so check the details on the museum website.

Facility data
Name of facility Komagane City MuseumKomaganeshiritsukubutsukan
Address 〒399-411523-1, Kamihosakae, Komagane
Phone Number 0265-83-1135
Museum Hours of Operation 9:00~17:15
Museum Holidays Monday, New Year holidays (December 12-January 28)
Museum Admissions Fee Free
Parking Lot 300 cars (free)
10 minutes walk from JR Komagane Station, 5 minutes drive from Komagane IC on Chuo Expressway

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