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Parco de Museum

In July 2021, the art spot "Parco de Museum" produced by the Matsumoto City Museum of Art opened in Matsumoto Parco as a new base for transmitting the culture of Matsumoto City.

The "Parco de Museum" is a special museum that was opened on the top floor of Matsumoto Parco for a limited period of eight months during the closed period for the renovation of the Matsumoto City Museum. "Matsumoto Machinaka Art Project" aims to "use the culture and art that Matsumoto City has cultivated so far to convey the charm of the central city area, create a new flow of people, and revitalize the city." It was also the main spot of.

This video will be exhibited at the "Connecting Box" that introduces artists related to Matsumoto City and Nagano Prefecture, which was held for four terms from July 2021, 7 to February 3, 2022 at this "Parco de Museum". It was created as an archive that introduces some of the works that were held and how they are being held.
Please enjoy yourself.

<Artist exhibiting "Parco de Museum Connected Box">
Hideki Iinuma, Akiko Isobe, Misono Ito, Shunsuke Osone,
Yayoi Kusama, Tsutomu Kobayashi, Daishi Sato, Yasuka Sudo,
Yasuhiro Senda, Akiki Nakajima, Haruka Hashimoto, Shiori Yajima
(Order of the Japanese syllabary)

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maker Nagano

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