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People who can't see from here now shed light on the flowers at night so that they can't see the flowers at night

[About this work / Haruka Saito]

Viewing works on the web is basically done in various environments such as the viewer's home. It also has the feature that it can be viewed repeatedly.

For example, in an installation at an exhibition hall, everything that the viewer sees at that time is presented as an irreplaceable one-time event.

However, works viewed on the web can be played as many times as you like. And that's why I think it's possible to show that a one-time event or moment that can't be repeated is happening outside the screen, inside the home surrounding the viewer.

I hope that cultural and artistic works will illuminate everyday life, rather than creating an immersive space that distracts you from your life. The beauty of a glass of water when I suddenly raise my eyes from the screen, the curtains swaying the wind from the window, the heat, the back of my family, and my heart thinking about people and places that are not in front of me Movement. In some cases, when you are doing housework or working from home, you may hear the video and suddenly hear the words and music.

Also, being able to play it many times means that it will be remembered. Imagine that the music that you remember before you know it will come back as a humming song in the distant future, decades later, and the present of the uncertain and uncertain situation will emerge as a nostalgic past in the future. It is.


"People who can't see from here now shed light on the flowers at night so that they can't see the flowers at night."

Lyrics: Haruka Saito Composition: Ryo Ikeda


Sing along the horizon

Play in the ridge of the mountain

Even if you trace the closed eyelids

Not touched not touched

I don't know what you saw

The contours of the eyelashes and fingers

The color of the ground that casts shadows

Who's where

So that you can't see the flowers at night

Someone who can't see from here now

Shine the flowers at night


“Just like the flowers I cannot see in the dark night, the people I cannot see from here will someday shed the lights on the night flowers”

lyrics by Haruka Saito composed by Ryo Ikeda


Swimming and singing under the horizon

Playing behind the mountain ridge lines

Even if I pass my hands over your closed eyelids

I can't touch

I'll never see what you see with your eyes

Shapes of eyelashes and fingers

Cast shadows on the ground

Who are they?

Just like the flowers I can't see in the dark night

The people I can't see from here

Will someday shed light on the night flowers

(translated by Yukie Yoshizaki) (Translated by Yukie Yoshizaki)

Work data
maker Haruka Saito (Group name: Hoipoi)
Profile Hoipoi: A unit by musician Ryo Ikeda and artist Haruka Saito.

Haruka Saito: Create paintings and installations. Major solo exhibitions include "Sleeping while standing / Speaking while swimming" (2020, Art Center Ongoing), "If non-drinkable juice is not a reality, we would not be in this world in this form" (2017) (Saitama Prefectural Museum of Modern Art).

Ryo Ikeda: In charge of vocals, guitar and bass in the band "Slum" from 2007 to 2015. There are "Ikeda Ryo" and "Ore de Odore" in the name of the solo activity.

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