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Shinano no Kuni Primitive Sense-Water Surface

Held every summer on the shores of Lake Kisaki in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, the participating artists of the 11th year Shinano no Kuni Primitive Sense Art Festival performed on the theme of masks that symbolize the self-restraint of coronavirus. ..The lion head of the primitive sensation lion dance, which wears a self-made lion head and dances improvised, is also a mask, and the lion dance has been dedicated since ancient times as a disease-free breath and illness relief.

While various art festivals and traditional festivals have been canceled or postponed, on August 29th and 30th, "Shinano no Kuni Primitive Art Festival 2020-Purification of Mountains, Water Surface" was held as a ritual to eliminate the plague. I will.

In this video as well, each artist expressed his own expression under the theme of "water surface". Being with nature, awaken the immunity that sleeps within you, and enjoy the expression that unleashes your self-restraint.

Work data
maker NPO Primitive Sensation Building
Profile Shinji Asai
I have lived in Omachi for 2020 years. I draw a picture and live. Participating artists at the Northern Alps International Arts Festival XNUMX
Nobuyuki Sugihara
Representative of NPO Primitive Sensation Building, artist
Conducted 8 months of Taiwanese indigenous research as a fellowship of ACC. Participating artists at the Northern Alps International Arts Festival 2020

Ayaka Nakamura
Hat writer participates in "The Art of Transformation", Taiwan National Craft Culture Center

Kawasen Minami
Korean III in Japan born in Omachi. Expand installations and performances.

Masashi Nishina
Primitive man of Kizaki. Professional snowboarder. Artist.

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