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I was shocked by the 14mm film XNUMX years ago when I helped a live video of a friend's wedding. At the time, I was working in a world of gorgeous images, such as commercials and music videos, and I couldn't stop crying from the film that my friend was walking around. The affection of my father for my child, "I want to leave that time now," has been overflowing. Since then, while searching for activities to leave home movies from the Showa era, we have come to "regional movies" called "making movies for citizens by citizens". The movie “Local production for local consumption” revitalizes the area, and is screened and utilized in facilities for the elderly, community centers, and school education, creating a new cycle of buried memories. Now, XNUMXmm film is in danger of being dissipated due to deterioration, disposal, and aging. Only now is it possible to dig up film and turn it into a local treasure. Through this XNUMXmm film, I would like to convey that there was an era in which people supported each other and lived while being connected to each other in this era when people had to keep their distance.

Title: Connection
Image: 47mm film taken in Azumino City Toyoshina Town in 48-XNUMX
Insert: Nobara / Sally Garden / Chigusa in the garden

Work data
maker 8_eight (Daisuke Miyoshi)
Profile Video provided by Hideo Sawayanagi
Piano Miwako Inoue
Arrangement / Recording Yuji Inoue
Title Masuda Shie
Telecine Shimizu Kei
Production Yuko Miyoshi
Planning / Editing Daisuke Miyoshi

Alps Pictures Co., Ltd.
Alps Pictures is a creative production company with a studio in a 150 year old storehouse in Shinshu Matsumoto. We create new value by collaborating with creators of various genres such as planning, production and production of video works, shooting, recording and design. In addition, based on the idea of ​​"innovative innovation," the possibility of projects that connect the memories of the past to the future by collaborating with individuals, companies, local governments, etc., such as the digital conversion of XNUMXmm film into film and the creation of local movies through citizen participation. We are pioneering.

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