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Recruitment for the XNUMXrd "Japan Classics Culture Fund Award" ~For those who open up the future of classics! "Classics Japan Foundation Future Award"~

 The "Classic Day Culture Fund Award" sets the concept of classics as "an ancient cultural product created and inherited in Japan", and covers a wide range of awards, including the field of living culture, for research, dissemination, and enlightenment activities. We commend individuals, corporations, and organizations that work on it.
 For details, please check the contact website.

  • Facilities / organizationsJapanese Classics Culture Fund Award Commendation Committee (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • 条件 The Classics Day Cultural Fund Award is for domestic and foreign individuals, corporations, and organizations that have contributed to the research, dissemination, and enlightenment of classical culture.This award is for activities in classical culture, not for individual works.
     (XNUMX) Deep research and practical activities of classics (XNUMX) Widespread dissemination activities of classics (XNUMX) Educational activities for young people of classics are the three pillars of evaluation and selection.

    Ministry content
     First prize: Award tile
     Supplementary prize: XNUMX million yen for each field
           Special Award (Classics Day Culture Fund Future Award) XNUMX yen

    Please check the application guidelines for details.
  • Wanted periodDecember 2022, 12 (Reiwa 20) to March 2023, 5 (Reiwa 3)
  • How to Apply Regardless of self-recommendation or recommendation, please fill in the required items on the prescribed form, write "Classic Day Culture Fund Award" in the address, and mail or bring it.
     For details, please check the contact website.
  • ContactSecretariat of the Classics Day Cultural Fund Award Committee (TEL:075-353-3060
Recruitment of internship trainees for university students

The Nagano Prefectural Buried Cultural Property Center offers internships for students who wish to work in the field of cultural properties in Nagano Prefecture.

Please see the contact homepage for details.

  • Facilities / organizationsNagano Prefectural Buried Cultural Property Center (Nagano City)
  • 条件Acceptance period: Anytime during summer vacation or spring vacation
    Internship period: 10 to 30 consecutive days
    Training place: Archaeological sites and maintenance offices in Nagano Prefecture
  • Remuneration*According to regulations, there is a daily allowance payment, travel expenses from home or accommodation to the training place, etc.
  • Wanted periodAt any time
  • How to ApplyPlease contact us by phone, email, etc.
  • Remarks・Employment regulations, etc. are based on the regulations of this center.
    ・Please submit a letter of recommendation from the teacher in charge.
    ・Issuing a work experience completion certificate (at the request of the trainee)
  • ContactNagano Prefectural Buried Cultural Property Center (TEL:026-293-5926
Knowing, connecting, and starting Well-end meeting A gathering place for community building (Miyada Village)

The Idobata Conference Executive Committee is working to create a local community with the catchphrase "know, connect, and start."
It is an organization that plans and manages various classrooms and events.

By connecting various people who are active in the area, we aim to further develop the activity and rediscover and reconstruct the charm of the area!
Let's talk together!

An event is being held every Sunday at "MIYADA Villager TERRACE (Miyada Village)"!
For details, please see the Idobata Conference Executive Committee website (Facebook) and LINE Official Account (@umegasato).

"Village Art Concert" on the first Sunday of every month
2nd Sunday of every month "Mindfulness Experience Course for Beginners" 10: 00 ~
3rd Sunday of every month "Aozora Yoga Course" 13: 30 ~
4th Sunday of every month "Philosophy Cafe" 10: 00 ~

In addition, "Umegasato Gallery Handmade Shop" also organizes solo exhibitions of art works and various classrooms.We support those who want to hold a solo exhibition.
For details, [Here]

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