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Knowing, connecting, and starting Well-end meeting A gathering place for community building (Miyada Village)

The Idobata Conference Executive Committee is working to create a local community with the catchphrase "know, connect, and start."
It is an organization that plans and manages various classrooms and events.

By connecting various people who are active in the area, we aim to further develop the activity and rediscover and reconstruct the charm of the area!
Let's talk together!

An event is being held every Sunday at "MIYADA Villager TERRACE (Miyada Village)"!
For details, please see the Idobata Conference Executive Committee website (Facebook) and LINE Official Account (@umegasato).

"Village Art Concert" on the first Sunday of every month
2nd Sunday of every month "Mindfulness Experience Course for Beginners" 10: 00 ~
3rd Sunday of every month "Aozora Yoga Course" 13: 30 ~
4th Sunday of every month "Philosophy Cafe" 10: 00 ~

In addition, "Umegasato Gallery Handmade Shop" also organizes solo exhibitions of art works and various classrooms.We support those who want to hold a solo exhibition.
For details, [Here]

Recruitment of users (monitors) of Okaya Silk Museum Square "Mulberry Plaza"

The Okaya Silk Museum is looking for motivated practitioners who want to utilize the Okaya Silk Museum Lawn Square, commonly known as the "Mulberry Plaza," in order to create regional exchanges, liveliness and liveliness.

"I want to create connections between people through events !!"
"I want to have an event where I can hear the cheerful cheers of children !!"
For those who are serious about interacting and creating liveliness, why not use the plaza to make it happen?
Please check the contact homepage for details.

  • Facilities / organizationsOkaya Silk Museum (Silk Fact Okaya) (Okaya City)
  • 条件People (individuals, groups, companies, etc.) who have ideas for utilizing the plaza and want to put it into practice, which will be a place for citizens to interact and create a lively atmosphere.
  • Wanted periodApril 9, 00rd year of Reiwa XNUMX: XNUMX ~
  • How to ApplyIn addition to being at the reception desk of the Okaya Silk Museum, please submit the application form that can be downloaded from the museum's official website to the museum by mail, bring, or fax.
    Please check the contact homepage for details.
  • Remarks■ Conditions of use 〇Available days: In principle, the museum can be used every day (except when used for city business) 〇Available hours: 5:6 am to 30:20 pm (Museum opening hours) 〇Usage Possible facilities: Power supply, water supply, toilet (inside the museum administration building) Usage fee (per day, utility costs not included) 20 block (400 m x XNUMX m = XNUMX mXNUMX) XNUMX yen per day All sections (XNUMX m x XNUMX m = XNUMX mXNUMX) XNUMX XNUMX yen a day                                              * Note: The XNUMXrd year of Reiwa will be a trial period to reflect the opinions of users in the management system.We ask all users to cooperate as a monitor, so there is no usage fee.The above amount will be applied from the XNUMXth year of Reiwa.
    For more information, please contact the following inquiries.
  • ContactOkaya Silk Museum (TEL:0266-23-3489

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