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About recruitment of works for the 25th Kumagai Motoichi Photo Award Contest

At Achi Village, we will hold the "Kumagai Motoichi Photo Award Contest" in honor of Mr. Motoichi Kumagai, who was born in Achi Village and left behind a huge number of recorded photographs of rural areas.
Continuing from the last time, we are recruiting in two departments, the theme department with the theme of "contact" and the shooting department in Achi Village where the theme is not set.
We are looking forward to your application.
Please check the contact homepage for details.

Theme section "Fureai"
The open call for participants theme for the 25th Kumagai Motoichi Photo Award Contest is "Fureai", following the previous one. The Korona-ka since 2020 has not yet converged, and the days with many restrictions continue.Under such circumstances, the importance of interacting with family members, people far away, pets, and things that we cherish has reappeared.In addition, the scenes of "contact" captured at festivals and events are also moving.Whether you are taking pictures on a regular basis or not taking many pictures, please feel free to apply. (Judge of the Kumagai Motoichi Photo Award Contest)
Shooting department in Achi Village
This is a department for works taken in Achi Village, which is not bound by the theme.I expect a masterpiece that inherits the spirit of human-centered life record photography, which is seen in Motoichi's work.Please come to Achi Village and experience Achi Village.Please look back at the Achi Village where you live and take a live copy of "Achi Village".Nature, festivals, hot springs, historic sites / historic sites ... Please take a picture of "Achi Village", which is a treasure trove of beautiful subjects, and send us your work.

  • Facilities / organizationsMotoichi Kumagai Photo Children's Painting Museum / Achi Village Office Collaborative Activity Promotion Division (Achi Village)
  • 条件1) Application rules
    Unpublished work taken within 3 years (after January 2019, 1), color or black and white, film camera or digital camera
    2) Number of entries
    Up to 10 works per person for each application category (1 point for each person)
  • Wanted periodUntil arrival on Friday, September 4, 2022
  • How to ApplyOn the back of the quartet (wide possible) work, by film camera / digital camera, by theme, work name / shooting location (city / town / village name) / shooting date / postal code / address / name / telephone number / fax number・ Please attach the application form clearly stating the age (grade for high school students and younger) and send it to the address below.
    395-0304 Chisato, Achi Village, Shimoina District, Nagano Prefecture 331-1
    Motoichi Kumagai Photo Children's Painting Hall "Photo Award Contest Secretariat"
    Tel / Fax: 0265-43-4422
  • ContactPhoto Award Contest Secretariat Motoichi Kumagai Photo Children's Painting Museum (TEL:0265-43-4422
    Click here for materials and leaflets (PDF)

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