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Please be sure to check with each contact for details as the contents are as of the time of publication.

About recruitment of works for the 25th Kumagai Motoichi Photo Award Contest

At Achi Village, we will hold the "Kumagai Motoichi Photo Award Contest" in honor of Mr. Motoichi Kumagai, who was born in Achi Village and left behind a huge number of recorded photographs of rural areas.
Continuing from the last time, we are recruiting in two departments, the theme department with the theme of "contact" and the shooting department in Achi Village where the theme is not set.
We are looking forward to your application.
Please check the contact homepage for details.

Theme section "Fureai"
The open call for participants theme for the 25th Kumagai Motoichi Photo Award Contest is "Fureai", following the previous one. The Korona-ka since 2020 has not yet converged, and the days with many restrictions continue.Under such circumstances, the importance of interacting with family members, people far away, pets, and things that we cherish has reappeared.In addition, the scenes of "contact" captured at festivals and events are also moving.Whether you are taking pictures on a regular basis or not taking many pictures, please feel free to apply. (Judge of the Kumagai Motoichi Photo Award Contest)
Shooting department in Achi Village
This is a department for works taken in Achi Village, which is not bound by the theme.I expect a masterpiece that inherits the spirit of human-centered life record photography, which is seen in Motoichi's work.Please come to Achi Village and experience Achi Village.Please look back at the Achi Village where you live and take a live copy of "Achi Village".Nature, festivals, hot springs, historic sites / historic sites ... Please take a picture of "Achi Village", which is a treasure trove of beautiful subjects, and send us your work.

  • Facilities / organizationsMotoichi Kumagai Photo Children's Painting Museum / Achi Village Office Collaborative Activity Promotion Division (Achi Village)
  • 条件1) Application rules
    Unpublished work taken within 3 years (after January 2019, 1), color or black and white, film camera or digital camera
    2) Number of entries
    Up to 10 works per person for each application category (1 point for each person)
  • Wanted periodUntil arrival on Friday, September 4, 2022
  • How to ApplyOn the back of the quartet (wide possible) work, by film camera / digital camera, by theme, work name / shooting location (city / town / village name) / shooting date / postal code / address / name / telephone number / fax number・ Please attach the application form clearly stating the age (grade for high school students and younger) and send it to the address below.
    395-0304 Chisato, Achi Village, Shimoina District, Nagano Prefecture 331-1
    Motoichi Kumagai Photo Children's Painting Hall "Photo Award Contest Secretariat"
    Tel / Fax: 0265-43-4422
  • ContactPhoto Award Contest Secretariat Motoichi Kumagai Photo Children's Painting Museum (TEL:0265-43-4422
    Click here for materials and leaflets (PDF)
About Shinano Omachi Artist in Residence Artist Open Call

Shinano Omachi Artist in Residence is also a business base for about two months from August 2022nd to October 8th, 22."Asahi AIR"We are looking for artists who will stay in Omachi City to exhibit and present creative projects (contemporary art, performance, food projects, etc.) that utilize the rich local resources such as the history, culture and nature of Omachi City.

  • Facilities / organizationsNorthern Alps International Arts Festival Executive Committee (Omachi City)
  • 条件Recruitment number
    About 4 people (group)

    ・ Activity support money [The organizer will bear the cost within the budget.All are provided only for one writer (one person or one group)]
    ・ Work production cost: We will pay the work production cost (including removal cost) within the range of 20 yen.
    ・ Stay fee: 2,200 yen will be paid per day. * Where to stay: As a general rule, you will be staying at Asahi AIR.
    ・ Transportation expenses: The amount calculated in accordance with the Omachi City staff's travel expenses regulations or the actual expenses will be paid. (Up to 8 yen)
    ・ Insurance: Health insurance and accident insurance must be taken out by the artist.The organizer is not obligated to take out insurance.
    ・ Regional exchange project expenses: The management side will bear the expenses for workshops. (Up to 4 yen)
  • Wanted periodMust arrive on Friday, December 2022, 6
  • How to ApplyPlease check the application guidelines posted on the contact homepage.
  • ContactNorthern Alps International Arts Festival Executive Committee Secretariat (TEL:0261-22-0420
Recruitment of performers for the 11th Azumi's up-and-coming musician audition

Azumino City is looking for performers for the "11th Azumino Up-and-coming Musicians Public Audition" for young classical musicians who want to play an active role based in Azumino.
Audition winners will be invited to perform at the Board of Education-sponsored public concerts in November and March.

  • Facilities / organizationsAzumino City Board of Education Culture Division (Azumino City)
  • 条件[General] Must be from or live in the Chushin district of the prefecture (Okita area, Matsumoto area, Kiso area) or have a history of presentations in Azumino City.Being a high school student or above. 
    [Junior] Being a child or student from the XNUMXth grade to the XNUMXrd grade of junior high school who lives or is enrolled in Azumino City.

    * Please refer to the application guidelines for details.
  • Wanted periodMust arrive by Friday, April 4, 6rd year of Reiwa
  • How to ApplyPlease send the following XNUMX points to the applicant.
    (Bring to the counter, mail, fax, e-mail (attach a set of application documents) will be accepted)
    ① Application form
    ② Profile slip (general section only)
    ③ A copy of the score of the song to be played

    Azumino City Education Committee Culture Division Culture Promotion Section
    399, Toyoshina, Azumino City, 8281-6000
    TEL 0263-71-2463 / FAX 0263-71-2338

    For details, please check the contact homepage and the attached leaflet (application form).
  • ContactAzumino City Board of Education, Culture Division, Culture Promotion Section (TEL:0263-71-2463
    Click here for materials and leaflets (PDF)
Yatsugatake Museum National Open Call Exhibition 
About the recruitment of works for the 9th Shinshu Riori Exhibition of your choice

The Yatsugatake Museum will hold the 9th "Yatsugatake Museum National Open Call Exhibition, Shinshu's Riori Exhibition of Your Choice" held every other year in the fall of 2022.

Weaving has been actively practiced here in Hara Village, Shinshu, for a long time.In particular, split weaving is popularly known as "rag weaving", and the technique is still carefully inherited.The nationwide open call for participants exhibition "Shinshu's Ribori Exhibition of Your Choice", which was started with the aim of promoting and developing the Ribori culture, will also celebrate its 9th anniversary.
In addition to the grand prize being selected by the votes of the visitors, we also have a special jury prize that judges from the perspective of artistry, technology, and tradition.

We are looking forward to your application for works that utilize the original method of split weaving.

  • Facilities / organizationsYatsugatake Museum (Haramura Historical Folk Museum) (Haramura)
  • 条件Qualifications
    〇 The whole work must be made by the method of split weaving.
    〇Self-made works that have not been published in other public exhibitions.
    〇Professionals and amateurs do not matter.
    Work standard
    〇 Up to XNUMX works can be exhibited per person.All works that have been accepted for exhibition will be exhibited and will be subject to voting.
    〇 It is also possible to sell in pairs or as a set.If it is within the specified size, up to XNUMX points will be considered as one work.However, it is not possible to combine a wall work and a three-dimensional work.
    Please check the organizer's homepage for details.
  • Wanted periodJuly 4st (Friday), 7th year of Reiwa-Monday, September 1th, 4th year of Reiwa (effective postmark on the day)
  • How to ApplyPlease send the prescribed application form with the necessary information and the reply envelope (fill in the reply address, affix the stamp for the seal) in the standard form to the museum.
    After the application form arrives, we will notify you by mail whether or not it will be accepted.
    A writer's card will be enclosed with those who can accept. (Present your writer's card and get free admission during the exhibition period)
    Please remit the exhibition fee by registered mail within 7 days of the arrival of the artist's certificate.
    (This copy of registered mail will be used as a receipt for the exhibition fee, so please keep it in a safe place.)
    Please check the organizer's homepage for details.
  • ContactYatsugatake Museum (Haramura History and Folklore Museum) (TEL:0266-74-2701

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