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Grant informationSubsidies for private organizations and individuals

Please be sure to check with each contact for details as the contents are as of the time of publication.

J-LOD (XNUMX) Support for holding events to work on diversification of profit channels, etc.

VIPO has a profit channel in "(3) Business that conducts entertainment business in the corona era" out of the five businesses of the supplementary budget "Content overseas expansion promotion / infrastructure strengthening project cost subsidy" for the 5rd year of Reiwa. We will support the cost of holding events to tackle the diversification of events and the cost of canceling performances that have been postponed or canceled.

Please check the contact homepage for details.

  • TargetApplication requirements
    Businesses that meet all of the following three requirements, which are implemented for the purpose of strengthening the profit base and innovating the business model, are targeted.
    (1) Efforts to diversify revenue channels
    (2) Efforts to expand the customer experience
    To carry out an event that incorporates one or more of each
    (3) As a result of the above efforts, regarding [1. Business model innovation frame], "The income of the event is expected to be 120% or more of the expenditure, and the subsidized expenses exceed 1 million yen", [ 2. Regarding the profit base strengthening frame], "The income of the event exceeds the expenditure"
    * For details, please check each application guideline.

    Target field
    Entertainment including music and theater
    (Culture and art field stipulated in Articles XNUMX to XNUMX of the Basic Law on Culture and Arts)
    * Of these, only those that carry out "events with demonstrations".
    * Demonstration is not mandatory in the fields stipulated in Article 9.

    Event organizer
  • Application period[Initial application acceptance period] March 3, 3rd to April 28th, 4rd year of Reiwa
  • ApplicantSpecified non-profit organization Video Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)
  • ContactSpecified non-profit organization Video Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)
    Toll free number 0120-071-963
[Agency for Cultural Affairs] "ARTS for the future! 2"
About the revival support project for cultural and artistic activities from Corona

The Agency for Cultural Affairs is now accepting applications for "ARTS for the future! 2", a project to support the revival of cultural and artistic activities from Corona.

In this project, professional cultural and arts related organizations (including corporations) will actively perform after taking sufficient measures against infection in order to revive cultural and artistic activities that have been greatly affected by the long-term corona disaster. We will support efforts to enhance and develop the activities.
Please check the contact homepage for details.

  • Target[Subsidy target]
    This applies to corporations or voluntary organizations that fall under (a) or (b) below, which are the organizers of performances.
    (A) Domestic professional cultural and arts related organizations
    (B) Establishers or operators of domestic cultural facilities
    * However, for-profit corporations whose sales in FY2020 have not decreased by 2019% or more compared to FY20 are not eligible for the following (1) Enhancement Support Project.
    [Target activities]
    (1) Enhancement support project
    Performances, exhibitions, movie productions, etc. that are open to the public for a fee, and active efforts are being made to further enhance and develop them.
    (2) Cancellation fee support project
    Performances in (1) that had to be postponed or canceled due to emergency measures, priority measures such as spread prevention, border measures, etc.
  • Application periodFrom March 3, 3rd year of Reiwa (recruitment at any time until the budget is exhausted)
  • ApplicantSpecial site application system
    * We do not accept applications by other means such as email or mail.
    Please check the contact homepage for details.
  • ContactSpecified non-profit organization Video Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO)
    ARTS for the future! 2 Secretariat
    Telephone (toll free number) 0120-070-113
    * Reception hours 9: 30-17: 00 (excluding the year-end and New Year holidays)

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